Global Affairs Remixes

Released February 2012 (Digital Only)
Review: Resonance Vibes

1. Global Affairs / Crack the Code
2. Global Affairs / Crack the Code (Warsaw Remix)
3. All the World Hates a Lover
4. Red Line
5. Crack the Code (Don't Check the Mail Remix)

Imagine Sonic Youth, Primal Scream and Echo & the Bunnymen tried to make an EP at an Ivy League University while watching James Bond films. It might sound like this, or it might be a multi-car pile up of egos. The last of the This Dreadful Mess sessions, this single release of "Global Affairs / Crack the Code" includes two remixes of the climactic tune, plus two B-sides.

Written, Produced, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by
R. M Hendrix, Somerville 2011
Except track 5 Produced & Mixed by Chesman 77
All Songs © R. M. Hendrix
Sound recording ℗ 2011 R. M. Hendrix
Artwork, Layout & Design by R. Michael Hendrix